The Coordinating Center

Why The Coordinating Center?


The Coordinating Center offers the unique value of decades of providing comprehensive care coordination among individuals with the most challenging needs. The Medical Legal Services team, with the highest educational preparation and credentials, uses the vast experiences of The Center with individuals with the most complex care requirements to provide plans to individuals with a wide variety of impairments. For more information, visit




The Coordinating Center is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 to develop a care coordination model for transitioning children, who needed life sustaining technology, from institutions to home. This model, marked by a family- and person-centered philosophy, proved to be successful and was the basis for the Maryland Medicaid Model Waiver Program; this waiver program was the first of a family of programs and services designed to promote optimal health and safety through a cost-effective, community-based approach.


The Center today enjoys recognition for partnering with individuals of all ages across all disabilities. The Center has created a care transitions program that provides intensive case management to reduce costly emergency room visits and promote stability at home and has pioneered a vision for obtaining affordable, accessible housing options so people may leave the nursing home. Medical Legal Services, created nearly two decades ago, is a division of The Coordinating Center.


Organizational Support


Medical Legal Services is supported by the widespread resources available within The Coordinating Center, including

  • An effective data driven quality management program
  • A comprehensive information technology system
  • Options for ongoing training, education, and staff development
  • Care coordinators and resource development staff with specialized knowledge in the myriad issues affecting children and adults with the most challenging needs
  • A housing office to provide consultation and referrals for housing options, adaptations, and accessibility

The Organization’s Credentials

The Coordinating Center is certified under the Maryland Nonprofits’ Standards for Excellence, a program of ethics and accountability in the nonprofit sector. The Standards is not just an honor, but it is also a way to demonstrate an exceptional level of competency and compliance with ethical standards. The Coordinating Center’s care coordination program has maintained URAC accreditation since 2000. URAC requires that The Center submit to a thorough and rigorous examination of care coordination process and outcomes. The organization is one of the few nonprofits to have been recognized in this way.