Nancy J. Bond

Nancy J. Bond, M.Ed, CCM, CLCP

Nancy Bond leads the Medical Legal Services division as a Principal Life Care Planner and has been accepted as an expert in life care planning and case management in multiple jurisdictions nationally. Ms. Bond serves as a Senior Vice President at The Coordinating Center and has played a major role in the implementation of The Center’s award-winning and innovative care management initiatives.

As a recognized expert in life care planning, Ms. Bond has been an author and co-author featured in multiple publications, most recently co-authoring a chapter on Pediatric Care Management and Life Care Planning in an industry-recognized textbook.

Ms. Bond is renowned for her groundbreaking work in inclusive education. As such, she has been a presenter at national forums on topics related to life care planning, as well as rehabilitation and education for individuals with catastrophic injuries that lead to complex care requirements.

In addition to a broad-based educational background, Ms. Bond has received advanced training in critical aspects of Life Care Planning and Case Management.