Certifications and Standards



Medical Legal Services Division’s life care planners maintain credentials as Certified Case Managers (CCM) and Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP) or Certified Nurse Life Care Planners (CNLCP).


The life care planning certification ensures that practitioners have met rigorous standards for education and specialization in the field. It demonstrates a commitment to providing plans that are focused not only on the needs of the individual but also reflective of best practices in the field of life care planning and care management. To obtain certification, life care planners received training in such topics as health and life care planning ethics, principles of care management and disease/diagnosis-specific overviews. To maintain certification, ongoing training is required for the life care planner to integrate up-to-date information and practices into the life care plan.


Similarly, our care coordination services are supported by Certified Case Managers (CCM), who too, have completed the stringent requirements for obtaining and maintaining this nationally recognized standard for excellence in the coordination of care across multiple service systems.


Additionally, The Coordinating Center is certified under the Maryland Nonprofits’ Standards for Excellence, a program of ethics and accountability in the nonprofit sector. The Standards is not just an honor, but it is also a way to demonstrate an exceptional level of competency and compliance with ethical standards.


Standards of Practice


Adherence to industry standards of practice is essential to the development of a life care plan that is both objectively based and reflective of appropriate practices within the field of life care planning. Standards for life care planning have been established by two nationally recognized entities:

Other Affiliations & Sponsoring Organizations