About Us

The Medical Legal Services Division of The Coordinating Center provides life care planning and care coordination services for individuals with special health care needs and/or disabilities. Derived from decades of experience in the provision and coordination of care for those with the most challenging care needs, the work of this division seeks to provide plans of care that are based on best practices and standards of care in medical, rehabilitation, and community-based care for individuals with extraordinary care needs.


The Coordinating Center, a mission driven nonprofit, has been providing comprehensive care coordination services for people with disabilities and complex medical needs since 1983. In the early 1990's, The Coordinating Center was approached to explore life care planning as our expertise in developing comprehensive and informed care plans was well-recognized in the community. A team of care managers from The Coordinating Center attended their first life care planning conference in 1992 and initiated the process for becoming certified Life Care Planners. Upon completion of those certifications, Medical Legal Services was established in 2000. Today, the Medical Legal Services team, with the highest educational preparation and credentials, uses the vast experiences of The Coordinating Center with individuals with the most complex care requirements to provide plans to individuals with a wide variety of impairments.


For more information regarding The Coordinating Center and its programs and services, visit www.coordinatingcenter.org.


Medical Legal Services is supported by the widespread resources available within The Coordinating Center, including:

  • Care coordinators and resource development staff with specialized knowledge in the myriad of issues affecting children and adults with the most challenging needs

  • An effective data-driven quality improvement and outcomes management program

  • A comprehensive information technology system

  • Ongoing training, education, and staff development

  • Housing services and support team to provide consultation and referrals for affordable and accessible housing options and home modifications