Medical Legal Team Attends Exciting Symposium

Nancy Bond M.Ed, CCM, CLCP, Senior Vice President, Medical Legal Services and Susan Guth LCSW, CCM, CLCP, Life Care Planner attended the annual International Association of Life Care Planners (IALCP) Symposium/International Association for Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP) Fall Forum in Arlington, Virginia from October 26th through 28th.  Nancy and Susan enjoyed networking with other life care planners and rehabilitation professionals from across the United States and Canada, while attending several educational sessions with topics ranging from the use of orthobiologic interventions, concussive brain injury, spasticity management, and strategies to enhance the lives of individuals with low vision.  An update regarding the development of a life care plan costing framework tool was also provided.   

The most rewarding part of this year’s conference was the keynote speech by one of our own former life care planning clients, Amanda Bordoy. Ms. Bordoy, a septic shock survivor and amputee ambassador for Hanger Clinic 

“Amanda, effortlessly delivered a keynote address that humbled and inspired the audience.  Her resilience, humor, and love for her family was evident and served as a testament to her impressive recovery as she now navigates life as a person with quadrilateral amputations,” said Ms. Bond.   

She emphasized the importance of a positive outlook on life, a strong social support system and her faith in her achievements over the past years. It was an honor to welcome her to the IARP conference.   

“Bearing witness to Ms. Bordoy’s journey has been an honor and a privilege.,” spoke Ms. Guth. 

The team is looking forward to The IALCP Fall Forum 2024 that will be held in San Francisco, California.